Baby Doll Top & Jeans

Let me tell you a story all about a time when I went to the doctor to get my eighteen year old shots but the nurse almost didn’t take me because she thought I was nearly fifteen. (Threw you off there huh 😉 Well thats basically a shortened version of the story but you get the gist. And a few days ago I was catching up with a friend’s mom while wearing an army green baby doll dress and she said, “You’re in college but you look so young!” Thats when I realized that I’m an eighteen year old girl with the closet of a mere stylish tween. It doesn’t offend me because I’ve started to believe everyones follow up comments of “Oh you’ll love that when you get older!” or “Thats a blessing dear.” I guess having a wardrobe which consists of baby doll dresses and pleated tops doesn’t help either. Anyway, while I try to get over this misconception, enjoy my outfit of the day. xx










Shirt / Anthropologie (old)
Jeans / Gap
Shoes / Anthropologie (old)
Bag / Prada
Photos by Abigail Lewis.


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