New York Diares: Serendipity 3

I’ve been to New York four times but have since failed to visit Serendipity. When we finally got around to making reservations and going, it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I thought I’d get there and there would be lines of people crowding the street waiting for an empty table. It might have been because we went on a Monday night and particularly early in the evening, but there was not a crowd of people waiting outside. Although the restaurant was pretty full, it was also very tiny. Walking in it felt a lot like I was entering into Alice in Wonderland. The small space was decorated with large clocks and dozens of lighting fixtures hung from the ceilings. I ordered a hamburger (shocking!) which tasted pretty basic but my mom got the Haight-Ashbury sandwich which was light and very, very delicious. Of course we got the frozen hot chocolate which was an upscale version of a chocolate milkshake — but it sure did hit the spot.

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IMG_0323Same outfit as here.
See full menu here.


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