New York Diares: The Breslin

 For our convenience, we hired Michelle Judice, a New York local of four years, to create an itinerary for us. Both Michelle and I are from Louisiana so we appreciate taking our taste buds into consideration. And lemme tell ya, she hit it out of the park in this criteria.

Our first eat was at The Breslin. It was tucked off on 16th west and 29th street. The calming atmosphere was greatly enthused with dimmed lights and drawn back curtains. I have to admit, I was a little timid while ordering because I’m not a huge fan of eating lamb and such. I ended up ordering the burger (which apparently is what they are famous for) and it was delicious. As a side, I ordered the broccolini which had a very rich taste due to it’s decadent Calabrian chili and anchovies.


IMG_0222Sandwich: Chargrilled lamb burger with feta, cumin mayo & thrice cooked chips
IMG_0221Side: Broccolini with Calabrian chili & anchoviesIMG_0223

Dress / American Apparel  (old)
Shoes / Zara (new)
Backpack / Chanel


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