Rule of the Four S’s

We’ve all been there, we see a book with a pretty cover and buy it swearing to ourselves that we will dive into it later. And when we never get around to actually reading, we feel no shame. This one particular book I’ve broken that stereotype with. It is called, How to Live Like a Lady: Lessons in Life, Manners, and Style. I got it from Anthropologie and have actually read through it a few times absorbing quit interesting things. One thing that this book stresses is to live your life by the “Rule of the four Ss.” This book tells you everything from how many kisses are expected in each country to how to kill a job interview. I suggest you pick yourself up a copy.

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“The attributes of a great lady may still be found int he rule of the four Ss: Sincerity, Simplicity, Sympathy and Serenity.”

-Emily Post

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A Few Things I’ve Learned:

  • When at a dinner party, drink a class of water to match every glass of wine. Don’t get drunk!
  • Ways to break the ice, take a tip from a hairdresser and study small-talk ideas. Remember, never ask anything personal!
  • When receiving a compliment, don’t divulge unnecessary information and draw the moment out, just smile and give a sincere thank you.
  • Positive body language: eye contact, open palms, legs crossed at ankles, smiling and nodding.
  • Negative body language: hunched shoulders, folded arms, no eye contact, turned away from speaker.
  • In order to make your entrance stand out, walk through the door and pause for a second and then continue moving away from the doorway. No fiddling in your pockets!
  • When exiting a car, you should edge your bottom all the way along the back seat until your are balancing on the corner, swing both legs out of the car together and place onto the ground. Next, use both hands to push off of the seat below you standing up.
  • Sitting in a skirt: cross your legs at the knee and then tuck the front foot behind the back ankle.
  • Sitting in pants: cross your legs at the ankle.
  • When finishing a meal, lay your utensils parallel in the center of the plate with the handles toward you.


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