Getting the Perfect Pout

The most annoying thing ever is when you’re at a party and you have to keep digging through your clutch because your lipstick is wearing off. You’ve tried the lip stains but honestly you have commitment issues so there is no way you will stick with the same lip color for more than twelve hours. I know, by now you are probably thinking Y IS GIRL-LIFE SO HARD. Fear no more, this is the only way to master the art of lip-locking 😉



  1. After applying your lipstick, purse your lips and put your finger between them, inside your mouth. Now pull your finger out gently. Any excess lipstick should smudge onto your finger.
  2. After applying a bright shade, blot your lips with a tissue, then reapply and blot again to build color.
  3. Seal your lipstick by peeling apart a tissue into a single-ply placing one fine sheet of it on your lips, and dusting translucent powder over the top.
  4. Voila!
Tips from Sarah Tomczak’s How to Live Like a Lady.


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