De-Coding Dress Codes

It’s that time of year again, wedding season. The season of many last minute shopping frenzies that leave all of us procrastinating ladies in a fluster. To most of us, the most confusing part about attending a wedding is trying to figure out what the invitation’s attire really means. With so many other things to worry about, why be bothered with de-coding the dress code when we can do it for you.

Beach Casual


Gentlemen: This is similar to what you might wear for a casual dress code, khaki shorts will do.

Ladies: Floor length casual dresses are you best bet for this dress code. Depending on how dressy the bride wants the wedding to be deciphers if you should wear heals or sandals. If you wear heels keep them chunky or go with wedges.

Beach Formal


Gentlemen: Dark pants and a more casual shirt or a nice shirt and light colored pants — no jeans.

Ladies: Create a multi-coded look by keeping your hair simple and glamming up your outfit. I would stray away from pointed heels if your Wedding is on the beach.



Gentlemen: A nice shirt with nice shorts or jeans are acceptable.

Ladies: Jeans are appropriate but going with a casual dress and some sandals will keep you on the safe side.

Dressy Casual


Gentlemen: Khakis and a collared polo are preferred but jeans and a blazer are also ok.

Ladies: Keeping in mind “Sunday dress,” jeans and a fancy blouse will work but a skirt or nice pants will keep you on the safe side.



Gentlemen: Dark suit with a tie.

Ladies: Short but fun dresses. When in doubt go with an LBD.

Black Tie / Formal


Gentlemen: This is fool proof — wear a Tuxedo.

Ladies: A pretty floor length, elegant cocktail, or dressy separates would be ideal. But remember, NO WHITE (unless the bride says otherwise)!

Black Tie Optional


Gentlemen: You have the option of wearing a tuxedo, dark suit with tie or black suit with bow-tie.

Ladies: Similar to black tie but smart choice would be an ankle grazing dress.

Creative Black Tie


Gentlemen: Have fun with your look. Wear a black dress shirt or colorful bow-tie.

Ladies: Often times this dress code is a result of a “themed” party. Let the outfit do the talking.

White Tie


Gentlemen: Suits with tails.

Ladies: An elegant floor length gown, gloves are encouraged.


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