13 Lessons We Learned From ‘Bad Blood’

Not only were we #blessed with the release of the Feeling Myself music video earlier this week, but Taylor decided to contribute. Making this the second best week in music since Drake dropped his mixtape (and then before that when Yonce did). If I must say, her new music video is pretty bad a** and makes being a woman look so dope (even more than before). It’s filled with her incredibly hot star-studded group of girlfriends resulting in one of the best music videos ft. celebrity cameos ever. Marvel better watch out because not only did this teach us many lessons but it showed us how to act in a catastrophe as such. So today, in honor of going to the Taylor Swift concert tonight, we will celebrate the video in GIF form (the only way).


Lesson 1: Lipstick is always a must.


Lesson 2: Break the “pick a statement eye or lip” rule is by wearing a monochromatic look. Also, Hailee Seinfeld looks even more perfect in threes.


Lesson 3: This whole dramatic smokey eye + wind blown hair is incredibly alluring and we should try it more often.


Lesson 4: We don’t need anything educational from her, being Gigi Hadid is enough.


Lesson 5: If you aren’t sword fighting in six inch leather booties, you are doing it wrong my friend.


Lesson 6: Leena Dunham’s “step the f*ck aside” look deserves an Oscar.


Lesson 7: Red heads are better when emerging from the sky.


Lesson 8: Immediately after this fight was filmed, Kaylor had a five hour phone conversation continuously apologizing for being so rough with each other.


Lesson 9: It is okay to age, sometimes it works in your favor.


Lesson 10: Selena Gomez is the ultimate frenemy.


Lesson 11: Cara Delevingne can kill the catwalk game anywhere.


Lesson 12: Futuristic accessories are making a comeback.


Lesson 13: And finally, Taylor gives us more #SquadGoals to which we cannot compare.


Well done ladies, well done.


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