Grecian Sandals

Greece has (and will) always be on the very top of my bucket list. For now, I have to accept the fact that the closest I’ll ever get to Greece is a package I received in the mail today covered in about five Greecian stamps. Everyone knows that gladiator inspired sandals are very in right now (thanks to Chloe-envy), therefore I had to get a pair for myself. (Who knew they’d literally be imported from Greece!) I am a pretty petite girl (5’2″) so it took forever to find sandals that wouldn’t overpower me. Finally, I found these on Etsy. I like them because I can choose to style them any way I want. I can wrap then tightly so that they don’t rise above my calf or loosely allowing them to reach just below the knee. They are comfortable and give the same impression as the ones in Chloe SS15 without burning a whole in my wallet. Therefore, they are perfect.

**Check out this cool video of the evolution of gladiator sandals.**





Shirt / Local boutique
Shorts / dl1961 (new)
Shoes / Etsy (new)
Bag / Celine [Meet my new baby!!!]


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