PROM: The Look (Part II)

The journey to making this dress was a little more difficult than the rest. I ran into many bumps along the way (which I will tell you about later). Thankfully though, my dress turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for. Here is the inspiration behind my look.

unnamed (1)

As you may already know, it is an old tradition to wear white to your senior prom. I searched for inspiration behind what I wanted to make but nothing stuck with me. When I finally came across this dress, I fell in love with the simplicity of it. I knew I’d have to make a few alterations to the design but I was attracted to the feel of it. Because of my love for versatility, I made this dress into a blouse and a skirt so that my design wouldn’t go to waste later on. The gold chain was a last resort when the blouse fit exceptionally big, but thankfully it ended up bringing the whole look together.


For shoes I wore my rose Gucci heels (featured here) because the color worked exceedingly well with the light grey tones in the white fabric. I went with a simple gold bangle so that I didn’t take attention away from the neckline. I donned simple straight hair and pretty natural makeup in order to keep the clean look fluent. A tip for when you are styling yourself for your next occasion, pick one “theme” to say and stick with it. That helps to limit your confusion when trying to accessorize and results in an overall cleaner look. My theme was sleek and crisp, as seen above.


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**And last year’s prom dress here.


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