If you are a friend of mine or follow me on snapchat (@victoria_stinso), you’d know that I am a big foodie. I spend more money on eating out than anything else. The biggest problem for me is that I live in Louisiana, which is known for its fattening but extremely yummy foods. So, I teamed up with a friend to create a food diary in order to share with you savory pictures and reasons to visit my city.

Tsunami is the first restaurant I’ll feature. It is most popular for its sushi and located in downtown Lafayette. It is a must visit if you are ever in town. Almost every native will say that it is on their top five list. It is the perfect spot for a girl’s night out as it was for us the other night.

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Lava Roll: crunchy shrimp, cucumber, topped with masago aioli, salmon, baked and topped with scallion, sesame seeds and Tsunami sauce.
Snow Crab Salad: snow crab, avocado, crunchy, and tsurai sauce.

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The Sinful Chocolate Tsunami: warmed chocolate cake with drizzled chocolate syrup and fruit served with cold vanilla bean ice cream. (This is probably my favorite dessert ever.)

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