Street Style Spotlight: Olivia Palermo

According to, street style or street wear is the offbeat or avant-garde fashion inspired by the contemporary culture of urban street people. In a simpler notion, it is expressing your style by wearing whatever you want because you want to. I like it because it isn’t as out-of-this-world as some of the things you might see on the runway and easy to reciprocate into your own likeness . Olivia Palermo is the it-girl when it comes to street style, or at least for me. She always looks 100++. If you don’t believe me, see below.


Oh hi, Olivia Palermo. You’re looking super fly in your ASOS top. 

Olivia Palermo - StockholmStreetStyle


Olivia Palermo @ Fall 2014 Couture: Dior


Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl finally tied the knot! (29.06.14)

Let’s not forget her best look yet: her and her hubby on their wedding day.

And Olivia is just like, stop trying to be me.

reaction animated GIF


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