5 Trends that Will Die in 2015

I’ve dedicated these past two weeks to blogging about trends that you will see this season. That is why I think it is important to also blog about trends that have reached the end of their time. So please, spare us, and don’t fall victim to one of these trends in 2015.

The Side Shave

shaved haiir

OUT: Shaving the side of your head or slicking back one part to give off the impression.

IN: Naturally pinning back your hair (both sides).



OUT: Kontouring was made famous by the Kardashians and was all the rage throughout 2014.

IN: Out with the old, and in with the new. A subtle glow is taking over the contouring trend. Focus on highlighting your cheek bones while keeping the rest of your face natural looking. It will result in an awesome glow.

Head-to-Toe Normcore


OUT: As told by The New York Times, “Normcore” is a term derived from a fashion movement in 2014. It is when those utterly famous for their outfit choices, swear off street-style cliches in favor of a bland suburban anti-fashion attire. [ie. trading in your Miu Miu pumps for python sneakers, mom jeans, and over-sized sweatshirts.]

IN: We are tired of this bullsh*t!! We want you back, street style cliches!

Kardashian Basics
other sexy

OUT: This “new” Kardashian style has seamlessly taken over 2014. Enough, we get it, you like realllllly form fitting crop top that show your perfectly sculpted abs and that super tight pencil skirt that you probably own in every single color.

IN: Subtle sexiness. Sex appeal doesn’t have to be as obvious as people are making it. Take some hints from (my guess) 2015 Fashion’s It Girl, Gigi Hadid by being sexy without trying too hard.



OUT: Ombre, a trend that has resurrected and stayed with us for more than two years now is slowly but surely finding it’s way out.

IN: But what will replace it? A highlighting strategy called Baliage. It is the art of meticulously painting on your highlights in order for a more natural sun kissed look.

Which will you miss the most?


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