2015 Lifestyle Forecasting: Hair

As of late, hair has been my favorite thing to mess with. I’ve had long hair all my life but just recently cut it short (against my mother’s will) and it has shown me just how fun of an accessory hair can be. There are so many different ways to style it whether it be messy or sleek. A change of your hairstyle can result in a totally new you. Which is just what everyone wants as they welcome the New Year. Amiright?

The Rejuvenated Top Knot

image (3)

I have a friend who has been wearing this look for a while now and it looks perfectly flawless on her. I would be lying if I said I haven’t tried it but wouldn’t be lying if I said I’m still working on perfecting it.

Deep Side Part

image (5)

If 2014 was the year of the middle part, what would you expect from 2015? Twenty-fifteen is the year of au naturale and the line between relaxed and just not caring. That is all.

The Elsa Braid

As much as we’ve dreamed of the day that “Let It Go” will escape our memories, it won’t be happening anytime early this year. One thing we can thank Elsa for is her big ole inspiring braid. That I am obsessed with… Now if only I had that much hair.

The Chin Length

Lauren Conrad openly did it, so why can’t we? Lately celebs have been chopping off their precious locks to no end. Of course this is in my favor due to my previously mentioned newly short hair. Looks like we are in for a sleek, short year.

Rich, Dark Hair


To all the brunette, chestnut, or dark hair women who have been feeling left out for years on end, get ready because it is finally your year to prosper. Rich dark hair is my obsession and being born with hair that has more golden undertones than blonde, I am almost halfway there. Bow down all you blondes, the brunette is back.

The “I Woke Up Like This” Look


This is a similar look to the rejuvenated top knot. It gives off the look of a perfect mess. Don’t be fooled, this look isn’t as easy to accomplish as you might think. Getting it to look like a perfect mess can be quit difficult.


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