Keep Calm and Go Shopping

This is the week famously known as the week that everyone either loses (or finds) their sh*t. Meaning: everyone is creating this unrealistically long list of resolutions, that from experience know they won’t finish but still kill themselves trying to get most of it done within the first week. And this my friends, results in them losing their shit. It is the week after New Years which means big expectations are on the horizon. And if you’re one of those people who didn’t add “dressing better” to their resolutions then shame on you. But no worries, why not add another bullet to your already two page list. Thanks to this blog post, this will be your easiest to accomplish. Strive to dress better as you tackle all of your other things to do. Meanwhile, serenity to all in hopes that none of you lose your shit.

“I’m going to workout everyday”


“I’m going to manage my sleeping habits better.”


“I’m going to read a new series.” / “I’m going to finish my newest Netflix obsession.”


“I’m going to kill it at the office.”

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“I’m going to dress with accessories.”


“I’m going to host another get together.”

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