Wanna Be A Fashion Genius?

When I first made the decision that I wanted to be involved in the fashion world, I had this revelation that I would never make it because I didn’t know a the difference between simple fashion terms. And that is why I am writing this post. To help you. Whether you want to be in fashion or you just want to be educated, these are the terms you need to add into your every day vocabulary.

1. Street Style
  • This is not the same thing as streetwear. I repeat, street style is not streetwear. Street style is nothing more than the documentation of someone’s outfit as they are walking along the street. This is normally photographed by street style photographers or mere iPhone owners. [ie. my outfit of the day posts.]


2. Couture aka “You can’t sit with us”
  • Simply put, couture is paying for a dress that cost more than your car note and having to buy the $20,000 shoes to match. It is also something you most likely won’t have unless you bleed money.

giphy (5)

And these girls are like, “We are paid to wear this.”

3. Ready-to-Wear
  • As Rachel Hodin perfectly explains it, “If couture is Kendall Jenner or Kim Kardashian, then ready-to-wear is their mildly diabetic brother Rob.” This allusion shouldn’t make you think that ready-to-wear isn’t nice because hell it has it’s good moments. It can just never be compared to couture.

giphy (4)

4. KCJ
  • Karlie, Cara, Jourdan. As of now, these are the hottest girls in fashion. What satisfies them that they’ve made it in the fashion world? The fact that I can say their first name and you know who they are. Surnames are for basics.

giphy (9)

giphy (10)

giphy (11)

5. BTS
  • I know,  you’re probably like “stop with these acronyms” but this is important. Up until researching this piece I hadn’t known what bts meant. And when I learned it means “behind the scenes,” I felt just as I had at the beginning of this post.


6. Capsule Collection
  • This is a collection solemnly designed to celebrate a designer’s most timeless pieces.
  • giphy (2)


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