Winter Trends

As we turn in our lightweight cardigans for faux fur capes, we embrace winter. The feeling, the mood and all that comes with it are just a few of the reasons why this is my favorite time of the year. I find it especially tricky to maintain a chic wardrobe during these temperature dropping months. I know, it isn’t fair that you have to hide your bomb a$$ outfit under your wool peacoat, so let us rev up our look now while we still can. We must dress for success before it gets so cold that we can’t tell if our bums are numb from the cold or the tightness of our pants after Thanksgiving dinner. But how? With the chicest winter trends ever of course. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

turtle neck flannel skirt

Sweater / Rib-Stitch Turtleneck
Skirt / Wool Zip-Pocket Skirt
Pair with: black tights & these boots

Dress / Let’s Play Mesh Midi Dress
Sweater / Long-Sleeved Cable Knit Dress
Shoes / Fur and Leather Ankle Boot
Emily Schuman does it here.



Sweater / Knit Square Sweater
Pants / Silence + Noise Side-Panel Point Pant
Pair with: this bag & these shoes


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