Men Hate, We Love

The other day, I found myself engaged in a conversation about the motives of a modern day girl’s dress-code. It was between myself, a sometimes man repelling dresser, and a guy completely repelled by one piece of women’s clothes. It went like this:

Guy: “Why does every girl wear high waisted shorts? Why can’t y’all just wear regular pants?”

Me: “Because the point of them [high-waisted shorts] is to emphasize your waist and regular pants emphasize your thighs and hips which are bigger on most girls.”

Guy: “I get that but they are just so unattractive. They look like grandma pants.”

Me: “I don’t care I wear what I want. I like high-waisted things so I wear them.”

Guy: “If you dress to impress us but we don’t like those [high waisted shorts] so why would y’all wear them?”

Me: “Girls- Well don’t dress to impress guys.”

Guy: “Then who do you dress for?”

Me: “Myself. I could care less if guys like my clothes or not.”

Today, I found myself scanning over a majority of articles with titles like “What Guys Really Think About High-Waisted Shorts” and “Why Girls Should Stop Wearing High-Waisted Shorts” with headlines varying from “they make great ass diapers” to “they’re boner killers.”

And that got me thinking about all of the trends men hate but we love and why we shouldn’t shouldn’t let that faze us. So. I want to try to tackle a trend every week in order to give you that confidence to wear it even if your male friends don’t like it.


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