Brunching in the Form of a Verb

We all recognize Sundays as the day where we eat away our hangovers at that weekend’s overly expensive brunch and complain about how we aren’t ready to feel the Monday Blues. Oh wait, or is that just what they do on Gossip Girl? It might also be a day when you hear the phrase “Pardon me while I go brunch with your mom…” that only few will quit understand. Those being the people whose main resource consists of Urban You know who you are.

Today, though, was totally not one of those days for me. I was feeling lazy. Lately this has been the norm for me because I feel like I have so much on my plate and so little time. And I wish “so much on my plate” was referring to food, not things. Today I was feeling so lazy that when I went to get dressed I picked out an outfit that required very little thinking. A romper. Yes, the go-to uniform for the uninspired gal’s daily wardrobe. And I’m one of those girls today.




Romper / Anthropologie

Shoes / Shoe La La


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