Lagerfeld Stages Feminist Revolt

Is Karl Lagerfeld a feminist?

The answer is yes.

Chanel, one of the most powerful and iconic couture houses, makes more than just a fashion statement today. The SS15 collection was inspirational in more ways than one. I know what you’re probably thinking. How can models walking down a runway be inspiring to someone who doesn’t give two f’s about fashion? First of all, if you don’t care about fashion you are probably on the wrong web page (lol). Second, what emotion hasn’t the superhuman, Karl Lagerfeld, made us feel over his thirty-one year reign? The most relatable one is probably pity because we shame ourselves for not being his offspring. [Here’s where you sigh relieved that you aren’t the only one who had this weird dream.]

Anyway, this bad ass 81 year old brought his runway show outside resulting in the most fashionable political campaign. Ever. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. This feminist rebellion is everything.







Chanel Fashion Show Ready To Wear Collection Spring Summer 2015 in Paris

Images via


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