Dress Over Jeans

I usually love getting dressed but today I was dreading it for some reason. I knew this attitude wouldn’t be acceptable because I had a big day ahead. I was driving down to NOLA to go fabric shopping for my newest project (details coming soon). I couldn’t decide if I wanted to wear a dress or jeans so I decided to go with both. I was in a weird mood that led me to being open to trying just about anything. Ladies you might relate a little more than men;) After getting dressed and feeling content with how my outfit had turned out, only then did I remember reading an article about a new trend that swept the runways and city streets.

The combination of a dress over pants. Yes, you heard me right dress over jeans. When I first read about this article I thought it was crazy. Who would want to amalgamate two things that totally shouldn’t be combined? But once I actually saw it I thought, “hmmm this could be cool.”





Dress / American Apparel  {as seen HERE}

Jeans / Gap

Heels / Michael Kors

Backpack / Chanel


The absolute best place to find designer fabrics.


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