Friday Fives: The Week in 5 Pictures

It’s Fridayyyyyyyyy! You wont be shamed upon if you’ve been dreaming about this moment since the second you woke up for work Monday morning. It’s only normal. There are even articles about why people love Fridays here and here people get me. No matter if this week went by fast for you or slow, things happened. And this is what interested me.

Cupcakes & Cashmere is having a…


If you have been living under a rock or just don’t keep up with this blog, there is a new baby on the way! Yes, Emily Schuman and her adorable hubby are expecting. What is it? I guess you’ll just have to check out the super cute way they announced the pregnancy and gender.

Bey & Jay are playing with our heads once again


As we all already know, Beyonce is the QUEEN of surprising reveals. So was their last show in Paris foreshadowing yet another announcement? Read here to decide for yourself!

Mrs. Tell

rs_600x600-131013101151-600.Lauran-Conrad-Engaged-Ring.jl.101313_copy rs_634x867-140203143550-634.lauren-conrad-engagement-photo-020314

Continuing couple’s news… After getting engaged last fall, LC and hubby William Tell are finally MARRIED! Wohoo, congrats!

NYFW X Big Statements


Earlier in the week, Shiona Turini took on the streets of fashion week as not only a red carpet but as a way to get a message out there. She sported a shirt with the names of the 11 African American men who were brutally murdered by  Police Officers. So is this going to be a new trend? Standing up for rights through street style.

FW15’s Hottest Accessory


PLOT TWIST: I’ve been into chokers for the last few months now but never actually had the balls to wear one (or found one I liked). And I don’t mean the stretch ones that are usually accessorized by goths or really earthy people. I mean cool ones (not that those aren’t cool). Like this piece of art found at J.W. Anderson. Can I get a #tbt to the 90s?




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