Today I received a package in the mail from New York. I knew what it was because I ordered it but finally receiving it made it feel even more exciting. My newest addition to my collection of (very) very beloved designer duds is my Chanel backpack. I know you might be asking yourself why would someone pay a pretty penny for a backpack that looks like someone just graffiti it? BECAUSE IT IS CHANEL PEOPLE. And it was one of the hottest accessories to leave FW14. It is a different feel and look for someone who usually carries around purses (like myself) and I know it will add the perfect edginess to a super girly outfit. How cool would it be slung over your shoulder with an off white eye lit top and some preppy white shorts. Yes, it was totally worth the purchase. I am forever obsessed.

My Bag

photo 1 (1)

   photo 2

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)


chanel backpack 4

chanel backpack 5





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