A Beautiful Ambiance

This morning I hosted a tea party for eight of my loveliest friends. I had so much fun planning, baking, and decorating for it. I  recommend everyone host a tea party for yourself and a few of your girlfriends. It’s fun, something different, and really simple. Here is what we did…

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I created a themed e-vite using an iPhone app called A Beautiful Mess and a picture taken at the last tea party I attended. Once created, you should either send the invitations through email or text depending on your relations with the people you are inviting. Setting a dress code isn’t required but I found it necessary. Another way to word it would be “Sunday dress.”



For a few years now I’ve been collecting unique demitasses. I usually get one for each special occasion in my life and over the years my collection has grown. It was sweet to be able to lay out each one and it’s story that comes with it. Flowers is a must for any occasion but for this one we went with vintage looking pink and white roses. I used vintage books and a long strand of pearls to give it that “out of a magazine” table setting. Don’t forget the candles!

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Tea & Coffee

Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to this category. One of my guests only drinks black tea so we went around that and got a small variety of black tea to serve. Another great tea to try is the hot cinnamon tea from World Market. It doesn’t require any added extracts or sugars so it’s something simple to serve. For the coffee, you can either go with the usual or venture off like we did. Try the Vanilla Bean Coffee from World Market and add a few teaspoons of sugar, a little bit of creamer, and about three pumps of Hazelnut. Talk about heaven for your taste buds…

landscape 1

Finger Foods

As promised, we had to serve some kind of filling foods. (Don’t make assumptions just yet, these aren’t the foods I am talking about.) Two things that we served which are not pictured is chips and salsa and a spinach salad with chicken, pecans, and cucumbers. Elizabeth also hand made mini sandwiches by cutting honey wheat bread into triangular slices and layering them with chicken salad and cucumbers. Shown below is an arrangement of the different crackers we served with pepper jelly dip, sliced cheese and pepperoni. The outer toasts have cream cheese, pepper jelly dip, and a mint leaf. The inner toasts have cream cheese, celery, and pepper jack cheese. We also put out a pretty bowl of fruit.

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mini sandwiches

The Sweets

We found a recipe online for the sugar cookies they sale at Great American Cookie Factory and tested them out. The recipe was tricky to perfect but we ended up adding a few extra teaspoons of vanilla and the cookies ended up tasting very yummy. We may have cheated on the lemon pound cake and bought the box mix but don’t judge we were very overwhelmed. World market was where we got all the goods to top it off. We had dark chocolate sticks (which everyone loved except for poor Alyssa who chocked on the flakes), chocolate covered goji berries, pink cotton candy, and yuuuuummmy Milano cookies.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I am so glad we finally had a chance to have our tea party and I hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves. We missed you Lexi and Erin 😦

**Check back later for our outfits**


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