Friday Fives: Beauty Secrets

Everyone has their own beauty secrets and trust me I’ve collected lots over the years. I’ve only been dawning makeup for about six years and my routine changes every four months or so. Over this past year I’ve developed a large adoration for the five products below that I must share with you all.

Vaseline Spray & Go


This stuff is literally hand crafted by Angels. It’s the best beauty products since liquid liner and we all know how amazing that is. My friends and I have become so obsessed with it that one of them applied it so obsessively that they broke out in hives (I permit that you make sure you are not allergic before applying). Best part: it’s only $7 at Target.

Lancome Face Powder


Over all my years of wearing makeup this has to be my favorite face powder. It goes on smoothly and gives off an airbrushed feel. You can purchase it for $38.50 at any Lancome and varying Sephora stores.

“Better Than Sex” Mascara


This mascara is the most natural looking mascara I’ve come across thus far. It evenly spreads along my lashes while adding the perfect amount of length.

Miss Dior by Christian Dior


A friend bought me this for my birthday after watching me spritz myself with it every single time we passed it in the mall. It smells heavenly. Like the sweetest mix between Chanel and Jasmine Glam by Michael Kors. [Watch the enchanting video here.]

Clarisonic Face Cleansing Brush


I got this for Christmas two years ago and out of everything it was my favorite. It is the absolute best thing to clean your face because it works deep within the surface. And we all know how important it is to completely clean your face. 


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