B-Day Post

Monday was my birthday. [Sorry for the late post I’ve had my hands full lately.] One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m actually very modest when it comes to this day. You might remember from my previous post that my friends and I celebrate half birthdays. I love half birthdays and I think they are totally necessary. On my half birthday I act like a Princess and I let nothing ruin my day. But when it comes to my real birthday something weird happens and I feel very, I don’t know, exposed. (And I’m not creating a metaphor relating to how I entered the world on this day.) I feel like there are so many more things happening in the world on this day that need to be paid attention to like the obvious world peace, children starving, and babies being killed. I also don’t like surprises so if someone can connect those things and let me know what is wrong with me I’d greatly appreciate that (lol just kidding). Anyway, I’ve already gotten so much for my birthday and I want to share a few things with you my darlings. I’m going to share with you my fashion secrets. Everything from my weird fetishes to why I think it’s ridiculous to pair hate your body. Hope you learn something 🙂

“But do I really need it?”

If you’re asking yourself this question it is because you are most likely standing in a pricey department store trying to decide over a fab pair of Alice + Olivia lace up booties or a trendy Furla Candy Snake-print Bag. Well there is always the option of getting both but you see that comes with the consequences of not being able to pay next month’s rent. So, we have to make a choice here. When I find myself in a position like this, I always ask myself the same series of questions that seem to work wonders. If I buy the laser cut booties will I dream about the chic bag?  or If I buy the bag how many times will I wish I would’ve gotten the booties instead? First things first, take a few moments to think about your wardrobe. Do you already have an item similar to either? How much use do you get out of that item? Ultimately, the decision is yours. You have to be the one  who decides which one will be easier to pry out of your perfectly manicured hands. Don’t sweat it, just question yourself.


Underwear VS. Clothes

So is it just me or does it seem like I’ve been breaking the bank at Victoria’s Secret lately? To splurge or not to splurge, that’s the question. I’ve come to the realization that to feel good  you must be wearing fabulous undergarments. They are the most important part of an outfit by far. Hell I have a Pinterest board dedicated to these pretty little things. It can totally make you look cheap if your panties are a color too dark for you crisp white shorts. Don’t worry we’ve all been there done that and know how it feels to feel totally exposed by our undergarments. Since it is going to happen why not make them worth the while?


Thou Shall T-Shirt & Jeans

One of the chicest things, as mentioned here, is looking put together in a tee and jeans. As long as I live I will swear by this rule. It is my go-to for when I don’t know what to wear and I need a casual outfit. They are comfortable, stylish if worn right, and totally effortless. One of the best things about this look is you can dress it up with a big necklace, fabulous heels, or a cool blazer.


Va-Va Voom Baby

This is a special shoutout to all my foxes out there. Your curves are hot. Flaunt them like no other. I hear more people complain about having big hips then I do about anything else. Marilyn Monroe? She was and still is beloved for her ah-maze-ing curves. Her measurements are 37 – 23.5 – 37.5.  Beyonce? Same thing and she is 34 – 25 – 38. Now many of us aren’t blessed with a voluptuous body like so but savor your curves because they are loved. So the main outtake here is: be Marilyn.

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Always Dress Up

If you’re going somewhere and aren’t entirely sure of the dress code, guesstimate what you think it is and dress that up a notch. It is always better to be too fancy over not dressy at all. Need help adding simple hints of fancy? Try a bold lipstick, a nice hairdo, a fancy clutch, pearls, or a pretty heels (not wedges). Another tip I live by is to always find a reason to dress up. It makes you feel good about yourself which is always a plus.


The Final Drawback

When I meet a person the first thing I notice about them is their mouth, oddly enough. Teeth in particular seem to always catch my eye. That’s why I live by three rules. 1. You should always match your toe nail polish with your finger nail polish. To me, this brings a look together. You look much more polished if you have matching nail colors. 2. Your teeth should always be clean and well polished. Your teeth reflect how well you take care of yourself. Clean teeth mean good hygiene. 3. Tights are not pants!!! I don’t care if you have the most perfect tush ever, tights are not pants. It was said first by the great Blair Waldorf and I will say it again. If you don’t live according to these rules then we cannot be friends. Jk, I am very friendly :))) Oh and always pluck your eyebrows.



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