Friday Fives: Weekly Favorites

Today is a big day. It is the official premiere of the long awaited movie The Fault In Our Stars, my first big outing since my surgery, and the mark of four days until my birthday and seven until the beach. Sorry that this Friday Five doesn’t include any food posts, I just couldn’t bare do that to myself because I am currently starving and unable to eat whole foods:(

Favorite Color Scheme


Lately I’ve been so obsessed with this white marble and black color combo. This picture pulls together all of the inspiration behind my next “big outfit.”

Favorite Interior Decorating


One of my favorite ways to decorate a girl’s room is with accessories. Walk in mine and you’ll see an array of heels, clutches, and pretty bralettes acting as eye catching center pieces.

Favorite Fashion Throwback


Okay, how darling is this dress. I mean come on, the Peter Pan collar, puffy sleeves, and the school girl shift dress look. Where can I find mine??

Favorite Bag


I’m a sucker for a designer bag and this Chloe tote delivers nothing but perfection.

Favorite Graphic Tee


How cute is this (very costly) tee from Moschino?


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