What to Wear: Beach Day 1

I just recently received very exciting news that a friend and I will be vacaying at the beach for a whole week and a half at the start of the summer. Of course I will try to blog while I am there and keep you up to date on our day to day festivities. My favorite and one of the hardest parts of preparing for my trip must happen soon… the packing. Just because I’m going to the beach doesn’t mean I can’t dress fabulous, so I’ve renewed my What to Wear page and am so excited to come up with looks for each day! I’ll try to put together most of the looks from Anthropologie (obviously my favorite place) to keep it simple. Let’s start with the obvious: day one


On the first day I can’t look anything less than fabulous while frying my porcelain white skin (as my mother would say). This glamorous/hot/flattering bathing suit gives me just what I need. Now I need to find the perfect beach towel to match!!

Swimwear / Marysia Peplum Maillot 
Sandals / Merimbula Sandals


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