Friday Fives: Obsessions




My favorite flower has always been Peonies and these pink ones are just darling. You know what’s just as good as peonies? Cabbage Roses.

Loose Maxi Dress


I am obsessed with this look on Carolines Mode. I want to make a dress similar to this dress, the silhouette is light, fun, and summery.

Flash Tattoos


These temporary metallic tats are perfect for accessorizing at the beach when wearing jewelry is frowned upon. They come in so many different styles and are sold for $22.

The T-Shirt Look


I think the best fashion accomplishment is being able to look chic while wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It’s a more relaxed way of dressing that I’ve been trying more often. The tee doesn’t necessarily have to be white, it can be any type of casual t-shirt. My faves are from Gap, they offer so many different styles.

Photo Editing App

My favorite photo editing app ever is VSCOcam. It seriously has the best features, I definitely recommend downloading it. The filters shown are F2, G3, T1, C1

Happy Friday,


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