Ring in the New Year

Your goal for 2014 might be to come off as more prepared yet you’re hooked on Pinterest looking for easy ideas for the New Years Eve party you’re hosting tomorrow night. Worry no more, I’ve raided Pinterest for easy recipes, DIYs, and more to help you plan the perfect party. Happy New Year!

Remember, your makeup is just as important as the party itself. Make sure you wear a memorable look… think: red lips, glitter, bouncy hair. See my What to Wear guides for some ideas.
These brownies look heavenly I can’t imagine how they must taste.
I love glitter every other day of the week so why wouldn’t I love it just as much on New Years? If you’re in for the mess, put glitter in empty spaces (fashionably) and it will make spirits bright.
Balloons: they are a decoration that can count for a lot. Try using them a different way, for example, pour glitter in them before blowing them up, drawing on them, gold leafing the bottom.
Trying to stay up until the clock strikes twelve might be hard, so make sure there is plenty of coffee to go around and top it off with sweet hearts to let your guests know that they are special.
Being that most of your guests are looking to shed some weight within the next few months, serve them skinny spaghetti and meatballs (my personal favorite).
Decorate with inspirational quotes to help your guests start off the new year on the right foot.
Get a Polaroid instant camera and buy lots of film for those candid moments. Snap, snap, snap away!
Make this sweet tasting (and looking) icy peppermint stack cake.
Make these fun DIY confetti party poppers.

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