Friday Fives: Chic Gloves

With the come of winter is fabulous clothing. While all your cashmere sweaters and whool mini skirts are hidden behind your ginormous winter coats, how do you master that fabulous look? It’s called finger flirting ladies and it’s a thing as of now.

And what exactly is finger flirting? It is a form of flirting a la your fingers. In most forms it is used to describe flirtatious interactions with someone over text message [hint hint finger flirting]. But, how is it possible to finger flirt when your fingers are frozen from action? Gloves. Of course they can’t just be any gloves… they have to be fabulous. Luckily, I’ve made a list of five of the most fabulous gloves I’ve yet to come across.

Darling [tech friendly] leather gloves with Kate Spade’s signature bow.
Knit beaded hand warmers.
Grey leather ruffled gloves.
Winter white mittens with crystal embellishments.
Simple leather motorcycle gloves.
P.S. Gloves are much needed for THE Five Finger Wave. [Don’t be ashamed if you don’t understand this because you won’t since it is something my friends and I made up.]
Glove 1 / Kate Spade
Glove 2 / Free People
Glove 3, 4, 5 / Anthropologie


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