*I’ve Been An Angel All Year*

One of the most anticipated days of the year has just happened: THE Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  And what’s my secret? That’s one thing I’ll never tell. But, if you missed it you’re in luck because below are the twelve greatest moments of the ever-so-scandalous night.

[Click to play GIFs.]
Taylor totally stealing the spotlight from an angel.
And the moment you watched the show for: to see why this one bra costs more than some of our lives. [$10 million *gasp*]
THE most adorable angel yet, Behati Prinsloo, emerging with her marvelous wings.
Adriana Lima being scary fierce.
tumblr_mwf4g81q8X1syzjqzo1_400The commercial that made us want Paris.
a_3x-horizontal (3)
Cara being Cara at the end of the show.
Candice surely knows how to own a runway.

Click here to watch the Angel’s version of “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

a_3x-horizontal (1)
The hair flip that left all of our necks in pain.
a_3x-horizontal (2)
Is this not the cutest thing ever? [Levine cheering on his fiance Behati.]
a_3x-horizontal (4)
T-Swift & Cara’s cute hand shake that involves a little butt smack.
Cara totally owning the runway.
Adam Levine fist pumping and mouthing “Yessss!” when his fiancee Behati Prinsloo struts down the runway.
“In one second, I could screw up everything I have… it’s like the big red button [sound effects] and everything explodes!” Cara Delevingne on how she doesn’t hold back when it comes to social media.

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