Friday Fives: Dates With Your Best Friend

Your girlfriends are a big part of your life. No matter how crazy your life gets, you should always take time out of your schedule to spend with your best friends. One of the main problems with my friends and I is that we get bored doing the same old things every weekend. Going to dinner, seeing a movie, scouting guys… same old same old. So I’ve put together a list of fresh ideas for girls in need of a great time.

1. Photo Shoot: photo shoots are always a blast. Pick a spot. Bring a camera. Bam!
2. Cooking Date: if you can’t find any places that offer cooking classes nearby, browse through Pinterest and come up with a list of recipes to try out. (Take a look at my yummy Pinterest board.)


3. Road Trip: make a list of nearby places filled with things to do. For example, maybe there’s an awesome outdoor shopping mall forty minutes away or a really great festival going on a town over.
4. Mix It Up: since we live in a city based around food, eating out almost always ends up on our top five things to do. So, to mix it up eat dessert first or go to a different restaurant for each course.


5. Mani Pedi Date: mani pedis are always a good idea. Fun, relaxing, and plenty of time for girl chat, a win win. (Even better if you do at home manis/pedis and facials!)


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