Friday Fives: Winter Expectations

Winter is here and it is unquestionably my favorite time of the year. I love layering myself in a blouse, a sweater, a scarf, and then topping it off with a coat (when it gets that extreme) just to get hot chocolate with a girlfriend. Something I love even more is that it is the start of the Christmas holidays (obviously I love it because I’ve been gushing over it for quite a while). The gift giving, the receiving and so much more is what makes this season so special. So when it was time to put together a collage of my winter expectations, it wasn’t hard.  My favorite is the cape. What’s yours?

winter expectations
LEFT to RIGHT: (1) Gloves are a staple for the winter and we’ve been seeing so much animal print and leather… Why not incorporate into a glove? (2) Everyone’s gotta have a coat to last them through the winter. Now more than ever capes have been everywhere. I think they’re the poshest coats of all time. (3) Booties, booties, booties. Booties are so adorable with tights and shorts, tights and a dress, tights and a long coat, ex. (4) Scarves are an obvious accessory for the winter. I predict that we’ll be seeing a lot of renditions of the classic Burberry scarf (shown above). (5) The lip color for winter is nonetheless a deep red. Whether it be burgundy, wine, oxblood (pictured), they’re all equally as fabulous.


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