Friday Fives: Things I Love

It’s finally Friday (!!) and that means it’s time for another Friday Five.

So here are five things I am loving right now…

I love the idea of secretive lace. It’s totally dainty, chic, and provoking without trying too hard. This would be a very simple DIY that I will definitely be trying.

Another thing I’m loving right now are these lips. This cranberry lip stain is perfect for the winter. Its an alternative to the wine color we’ve been seeing on everyone lately. [P.S. The lighter your complexion the better.]
Okay, once again glitter should always be an option. This sequin skirt is amaze and I crave it but have no where to wear it too. [If you think of an excuse for me to buy it, lemme know.]
Inspirational Quotes
Check out my Pinterest page for lots of them [and more].
And finally… The Girls. Cute best friends are always in season [ie. friends who picnic in the park with their cucumber sushi rolls]. And we owe it all to this group of fabulous girlfriends.

Happy Friday,


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