DIY: The Perfect Mug [ft. LP]

I am beyond thrilled that I finally met someone who loves glitter just as much as I do. Luckily this person is one of my best friends so we will be having glittery craft nights like once a week (just kidding). We were feeling crafty so we took a little detour to Target and Michael’s where we were in awe. We loved all the glitz but what we loved more was the fact that Michael’s was already decked out with Christmas cheer. Speaking of, this would make a perfect Christmas gift. The steps were simple and the outcome was fabulous!

-Plain ceramic mug (that can be heated)
-Cooking pan (I used a cookie pan)
-Rubbing alcohol
-Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage gloss finish
-Martha Stewart Crafts glitter (color of choice)
-Paint pen (if necessary)
-Brushes (to paint on gloss)
1. Take a cotton ball or napkin and wipe off all impurities that may be on the mug. Once clean, make sure you wash the mug removing all alcohol because it is very flammable.
2. Apply the gloss on the areas that are to be glittered.
3. Neatly pour glitter onto desired areas using your fingers to cover each spot.

11-3-13 053

4. Once you have a pretty thick coat of glitter, place the mug glitter side up and allow it to fully dry. I let mine dry overnight but 2-3 hours will work just as well.
5. (OPTIONAL) Next, you can take the paint and decorate it however you want.
6. Preheat the oven to 360 degrees and let it glaze for 30 minutes by placing it on a pan glitter side up. This step assures that the glitter will stick.

11-3-13 058

**You must wait up to two weeks before washing the mug. Unfortunately, The Perfect Mug is not microwavable.**

11-3-13 084

11-3-13 076


11-3-13 061


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