Holiday Cheer: Festive Mugs

When it comes to anything, Pinterest [most likely] has the answer. So when I got to thinking about unique Christmas gifts, this was obviously the first resort. I know Christmas is still 54 days but I can’t help dreaming of it, so don’t make fun. Anyway, I thought of an idea: a DIY mug.  It’s the perfect gift for that special someone because of the handy work that goes into creating it. Now, you could go to a local pottery shop or simply do it on your own. The recipe, shall you say, to create these adorable mugs is simple. Once you have a(n) [oven-safe] mug, doodle on it then stick it in the oven for 30 minutes at 360 degrees. Viola!


Let’s start simple. This mug is simple and can be mastered with a sharpie and a blank canvas.


I love this design. It’s a little more tedious than the previous one but it’s worth it.


Don’t feel restricted with these titles… You can change them up to say things like “best – friend,” “mom – dad,” “fabulous – glamorous,” etc.


Don’t think you’ll go through a post and not see some glitter… 🙂

I hope these ideas are helpful and spark creativity in your holiday shopping/DIY-ing!

**Stay tuned for a DIY for The Perfect Mug**


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