How To: Make a Room Come Alive

When you first move or redecorate your place might seem a little… I don’t know, incomplete? Well that was the case for me anyway. Luckily, I have conjured a list of ways to make a room come alive.

The BEST way to make guest feel at home
is by putting out furry blankets.
They have great ones at TJMaxx.

Another way to make guests
feel more welcomed is to set out books and flowers. In this case I used a Nook which contains lots of magazines and editorials.

Next, I would add life to boring walls.
To do this I would suggest hanging up art work.
As shown, I hung a pastel I did and surrounded it by some of my fashion sketches.

This is the same concept as the mints.
By putting out nail polish and a magazine,
I make visitors feel welcomed.
The first thing I would do is put out mints or chocolate.
There’s nothing more welcoming than this.
It shows the guests that they were expected.


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